Ep. 08: Meta Batman, Female Doctor, BHNB

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! OMG Batman is a meta… Kat goes on a rant on how everyone says that Batman is the best super hero because he has no super powers (other than he’s super rich, doesn’t make him a hero), and now….. in the Suicide Squad, he is classified as a meta due to his exposure to Nth metal.  He is classified as such from all of our favourite super bitch Amanda Waller. BBC has announced that the new doctor is (drum roll please) Jodi Whitaker and Butt Hurt Nerd Boys (BHNB)everywhere lost their collective shit.  The Doctor can’t have a vagina. […]

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ep. 07 Finding yourself in pop culture and Ghost hunting

Kat got to explore one of her fandoms, geeky likes, nerd like passions… whatever you want to call it… But she went to see Eastern State Penitentiary.  It is a jail that was built in 1829 and closed in 1971.  This did pique Kat’s love of history (especially haunted history) and some psychological aspects in learning that when the prison first opened everyone was brought in to single cells with hoods on their heads so no one knew who they were, and their exercise yard was attached to their cells….individual exercise yards. Imagine doing 15 years of solitary confinement,  because […]

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